Pharmacology of the calcium sensing receptor – Mini-Review

Summary Calcium sensing receptor (CASR) is a G-protein couple receptor which plays a key role in calcium homeostasis in vertebrates. Its extracellular domain is sensitive to divalent cations, aminoacids and polyamines. In parathyroid glands, CASR activation causes parathyroid hormone (PTH) reduction and subsequently a decrease in blood calcium concentration. In PTH-dependent disorders, e.g. primary and secondary […]

Cancer Cell Death following Calcium Electroporation

Dose-Dependent ATP Depletion and Cancer Cell Death following Calcium Electroporation, Relative Effect of Calcium Concentration and Electric Field Strength Emilie Louise Hansen1, Esin Bengisu Sozer2, Stefania Romeo3, Stine Krog Frandsen1, P. Thomas Vernier2, Julie Gehl1* Abstract Background Electroporation, a method for increasing the permeability of membranes to ions and small molecules, is used in the […]

Calcium electroporation in three cell lines

a comparison of bleomycin and calcium, calcium compounds, and pulsing conditions Stine Krog Frandsen a, Hanne Gissel b, Pernille Hojman c, Jens Eriksena, d, Julie Gehl a,⁎   Abstract Background: Electroporation with calcium (calcium electroporation) can induce ATP depletion-associated cellular death. In the clinical setting, the cytotoxic drug bleomycin is currently used with electroporation (electrochemotherapy) […]

Direct Therapeutic Applications of Calcium Electroporation to Effectively Induce Tumor Necrosis

Stine Krog Frandsen1, Hanne Gissel2, Pernille Hojman3, Trine Tramm4, Jens Eriksen1,5, and Julie Gehl1 Abstract Electroporation of cells with short, high-voltage pulses causes a transient permeabilization of cell membranes that permits passage of otherwise nonpermeating ions and molecules. In this study, we illustrate how  lectroporation with isotonic calcium can achieve highly effective cancer cell kill […]