Introducing SAC-SG:
A One-of-a-Kind SAC Bound Glucose

Introducing SAC-SG: <br> A One-of-a-Kind SAC Bound Glucose

Introducing SAC-SG
A One-of-a-Kind SAC Bound Glucose

SAC-SG is the new groundbreaking science from CBHI. This innovative formula combines the potent antioxidant properties of signature SAC ionic calcium with the tumor-fighting abilities of SG. The energy source of cancer cells is glucose, and SAC-SG bonds with glycolysis causing cancer cell death. SAC-SG offers a dual-action approach to cancer therapy, selectively targeting cancer cells while protecting healthy cells from oxidative stress. This breakthrough science is currently patent pending and promises to revolutionize cancer therapy.


A Powerful Ally in Targeting Cancer Cells

Cancer cells rely on calcium ions and glucose for their proliferation. There are several ways cancer cells obtain calcium: from bones by secreting PTH-like substances, which triggers osteoclasts, and through ligand-gated and voltage-gated calcium channels, with ligand-gated channels being the primary source. The excess calcium is used to promote tumor cell growth. Glucose is obtained by cancer cells through the membrane protein GLUT. Aerobic glycolysis is the primary way cancer cells metabolize glucose, which provides nucleic acids and amino acids for cell growth.

SAC-SG targets cancer cells by triggering cell death and inhibiting their growth in low-oxygen conditions. SAC-SG’s ionic calcium bonds with glycolysis and produces free radicals that target tumor cell metabolism, ultimately causing oxidative damage and leading to their destruction.

Due to the high glucose uptake rate of cancer, SAC-SG is a powerful alley in tackling cancer treatment, with an uptake rate 200-300 times faster than normal cells.



SAC Formulation Technology


300 Times More Absorbent
3 Times More Reactive
Absorbed without Vitamin D