SAC for Calcium Signaling

SAC for Calcium Signaling

New Book “SAC for Calcium Signaling” is published


Tremendous medical advancements have marked the 21st century, and these advancements have extended the life expectancy of humans farther than ever before. However, progress in relation to bone-related and cancer-related disease seems to be at a standstill. In the majority of developed countries, the increase in aging population has resulted in a higher risk of death caused by the bone fracture. As a side effect, there is an increased social and economic burden on our society. Also, the substantial investment in the anti-cancer remedy has not helped in slowing down the rising death rate of cancer patients. This hopeless situation only frustrates doctors and adds greater frustration to the families of the cancer patients.

Therefore, at CBHI Canada, realizing the significant role of calcium in our health from the cellular level up, we continued to research and develop ways to pour the calcium directly into the cell. In March of 2009, CBHI was successful in creating SAC Calcium. In December of 2011, a clinical test on amice with osteoporosis proved successful in fully reversing the osteoporosis. CBHI then continued to treat osteoporosis patients across the spectrums of age, gender, and race, proving the efficacy of this treatment. There are many existing osteoporosis treatments that have been being developed to treat the patients to date, including Bisphosphonates, SERMS, Teriparatide, and Calcitonin, but none of them have been successful in curing osteoporosis.

SAC Calcium proved that even in the absence of Vitamin D, it is able to permeate the cell membrane and is absorbed by diffusion effect. Additionally, the consumed small quantity of ionic calcium has the effect of physiological plasma calcium. Therefore, with SAC Calcium, CBHI was able to effectively treat diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis, which are caused by a lack of ionic calcium in the blood. SAC Calcium provided promising remedies for different types of cancers including multiple myeloma, brain tumor, colon cancer, breast cancer, and leukemia.

In November of 2013, news reached us from S. Korea that Ms. Molly Holt (Age 79, Female) was fighting multiple myelomas. Since all the anti-cancer remedies had proven ineffective for her, she was ready to call all her relatives from the United States to say her final words. With haste, CBHI sent SAC Calcium to Ms. Holt, and her condition significantly improved following treatment.  Ms. Holt and her friends later visited CBHI and formally presented the plaque of appreciation, sincerely thanking me.

Both carcinoma and sarcoma have a close relation to calcium. According to many types of research, when the ionic calcium level decreases within the cell, the performance of the mitochondria, DNA, p53 protein, NK-kB protein, cytotoxic T-lymphocytes and all stem cells are decreased and could result in a DNA mutation, which then accumulates and turns into carcinoma or sarcoma.

Increasingly more researchers are actively writing about and proposing the importance of the role of calcium. For instance, the claim of The Neurology Association of the United States, “Calcium is a key to solve Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease,” tells us how crucial the role of the calcium ion is in our body. CBHI believes that if the healthy calcium level within all of our cells is well maintained, we will be free from hosts of debilitating diseases.

I hope SAC calcium brings renewed hope for many who are suffering and would like to thank all the members of the CBHI Canada research team who contributed to the publishing of this book.


Ph.D. in Chemistry,

Paul. K. Lee  – March. 23rd, 2018

SAC For Calcium Signaling

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