International Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium Symposium 2019

International Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium Symposium 2019

ISACS 2019 – Message from SAC Symposium Chair

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is indeed a pleasure to invite you to join our first SAC Symposium to be held in Vancouver B.C., Canada.

The Calcium and Bone Health Institute (CBHI) is rendering valuable services as a non-profit association for the advancement of scientific study in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Pharmacology, Oncology, and Osteology concerning calcium (in Canada).

In collaboration with our revered sponsor – Marahdeo Holdings Corporation – CBHI aims to conduct intensive research and create awareness among the general population regarding the significance of calcium for the human body.

The SAC Symposium will be the agora of discussion, study, and experience wherein experts and researchers will work in unison to enhance knowledge concerning the various measures for healthy bone development and the prevention of calcium-related diseases prevalent in the community.


Paul K. Lee/Organizing chairman





– The first International Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium Symposium (ISACS 2019) by CBHI
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