About CBHI

About CBHI

Calcium & Bone Health Institute


CBHI is a scientific, research-based institute that was founded in 2001. The primary purpose of the research is to unveil the diverse roles of calcium in the human body. The main driving force for our extensive research was the invention of an innovative form of calcium – the Sigma Anti-Bonding Molecule Calcium Carbonate (SAC-CaCO3)
SAC is a physiologically-active and ionic type of calcium in our body which regulates the influx and efflux mechanisms of intracellular calcium ion for maintaining normal calcium homeostasis. The normal calcium level ultimately allows our body to reach an optimal health state making it convenient for the prevention and treatment of chronic degenerative diseases related to calcium.

We collaborate with numerous leaders and researchers from different disciplines to understand the complexity and integrity of the biological and physiological characteristics and interactions of calcium. The extensive research team includes the top-notch research organizations from SFU, UBC, University of Victoria and other affiliated institutions. This collaboration allows us to combine our research with fundamental sciences such as Chemistry, Cell Biology, Oncology, and Osteology. The research areas are further extended through the incorporation of applied sciences such as Engineering and Computing Science to bring significant improvements in the calcium-focused research advancements.

Calcium & Bone Health Institute of Canada (CBHI) stands out among the few research-based institutes in the country wherein studies are conducted about calcium-related chronic diseases including osteoporosis and cancer. CBHI Canada strives to offer high-quality care for patients through the development and implementation of innovative and effective prevention and treatment methods as an attempt to contribute to the alleviation of the global costs of calcium-related diseases.

For the achievement of our goal, we have proved the efficacy of Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) in treating calcium-related diseases by conducting laboratory and clinical research with numerous medical and pharmaceutical companies. We are making consistent endeavors to prevent the progression of osteoporosis. Since 2011, we have been triumphant in the provision of comprehensive osteoporosis treatment using SAC products. As a consequence, more than 100,000 people worldwide have experienced the efficacy of SAC.

The CBHI is located in Coquitlam, B.C. (Canada) with full sponsorship from Marahdeo Holdings, Marah Natural, Pronuvia, and NTS Research. Each organization has a distinctive specialized research agenda, unique objectives, and pioneering achievements in the calcium-focused industry. This liaison has allowed us to remain committed towards the integration of our innovative expertise for discovering the cause and cure for calcium-related diseases.





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