Case Study (II)

Cancer Remission under SAC Therapy
Jim Crook (Age 66)
Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer with Liver and Bone Metastasis (2018)

Pleuritic Chest Pain, Query:

Metastatic Disease


Unenhanced Volumetric Axial Images were Obtained through the Chest with Standard Reformats


  • There are several enlarged left supraclavicular lymph nodes, with the largest measuring 1.7 cm in size.
  • There are fairly extensive coronary artery calcifications.
  • The visualized upper abdomen gives repeated evidence of numerous masses throughout the liver.
  • Repeated evidence of multiple enlarged upper abdominal lymph nodes.


  • Left supraclavicular lymphadenopathy, considered to be metastatic in nature.
  • No other findings of intrathoracic metastatic disease.



Post SAC – Results (Oct 26, 2018)


Exam Type:

CT Abdomen and Pelvis – Enhanced


Known Prostate Cancer with Visceral Metastases


Enhanced CT of the abdomen and pelvis with intravenous contrast

Findings(After taking SAC since July):

  • The segment 4a lesion has decreased to 1.6 cm from 3.3 cm. Most of the other lesions have also decreased in size. No definite new lesions in the liver.
  • The prostate gland has decreased in size with no new focal lesions.
  • Multiple lower retroperitoneal and iliac chain lymph nodes have decreased in size. A lymph node just inferior to the aortic bifurcation has decreased to 10 mm from 23 mm.
    No definite new lymphadenopathy.