AIC Technology

AIC  Technology

Anti-orbital Ionic Calcium (Medical Grade)

What is the AIC?

Medical grade AIC, is used for Anti-orbital Ionic Calcium Therapy (AICT). AIC pushes the threshold of purity level to 99.9%. Comparing it with SAC, AIC has a significantly higher absorption rate and achieving SAC’s highest physiological effects. Thousands of clinics around the world currently practice AICT.

As AIC is absorbed into the body, it is absorbed by the electric potential difference in the body (passive transport).

As the force of  \dpi{100} \fn_phv \small E=\frac{-2\pi^{2}me^{4}}{n^{2}h^{4} \dpi{100} \fn_phv \small =\frac{-13.6}{n^{2}}(eV)  increases, it is separated from CO3 of AIC CaCO3. At this time, the 4S Orbital of the calcium atom disappears. Calcium atom becomes calcium ion. This is called Anti-orbital Ionic calcium.


Calcium Ion, without two electron and orbital 4S.

Calcium Ion without Two Electrons and Orbital 4S

Calcium Atom 


Calcium atom has a 4s orbital in the last orbit and has 2 electrons in it. This electron has a force of mγ2/r, and when mγ2/r becomes larger, the 2 electrons fall apart, and the calcium atom is in an ionic form. It becomes plasma, which becomes an indispensable element in human cell metabolism. The continuous research and development of CBHI in creating calcium ions made us possible to manipulate AIC CaCO3 with high electric energy \dpi{100} \fn_phv \small E=\frac{-2\pi^{2}me^{4}}{n^{2}h^{4} \dpi{100} \fn_phv \small =\frac{-13.6}{n^{2}}(eV) ; this process allows AIC CaCO3 to efficiently ionize by the cell voltage ( electronic difference) of the human body for a certain period. This element we call Anti-orbital Iconic Calcium (AIC) and is specifically made for medical use.

Calcium Signaling and Its Functions