Calcium & Bone Health Institute

Calcium & Bone Health Institute

“We envision a world without Osteoporosis and Calcium related disease including cancers, Alzheimer, Parkinson disease and more. Our mission is to achieve this vision through excellence research and clinical trials.”

Calcium Bone Health Institute (CBHI) is one of few Canadian research institutes for the study of preventing and treating calcium related diseases, especially osteoporosis and cancer. Established in 2011, CBHI is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with calcium-related diseases through endless clinical trials and research.

CBHI Canada missions are to provide better care for cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis patients by developing innovative and effective cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis treatments and to contribute to lower health care cost associated with cancer, osteoporosis and calcium-related disease. Since 2011, we have provided comprehensive osteoporosis, cancer and arthritis care for over 100,000 customers around the world who have participated in our research projects.


CBHI is located in the Coquitlam, BC, Canada and is fully affiliated with Marahdeo Holdings, Marah Natural and NTS Research. Each organization has specialized research agenda. With all our affiliations, we are committed to discovering the causes of and cure for calcium related diseases and believes this will be accomplished through research. By working together, we combine our innovative expertise to investigate questions related to all respects of bone and joint health.

History of the CBHI


The NTS Research & Inc. laboratories were the principal research facilities, which primarily focused on agriculture and natural pesticides. However, as NTS Research expanded its activities and invented Sigma Antibonding Calcium, CBHI was established in 2013 as a specialized calcium and bone health institute.