Lactate in human sweat: a critical review of research to the present day

Philip J. Derbyshire • Hugh Barr • Frank Davis • Seamus P. J. Higson



This review provides a critical overview of the literature published in the area of lactate in human sweat between 1934 and the present. The first section summarizes the relevant pieces of literature, the second evaluates the literature across a range of topics and the third presents potential applications for sweat lactate measurements. Key
factors that may affect sweat lactate are discussed in detail in the second section of this review. Both acetylcholine and catecholamine hormonal signals can trigger sweating independently of one another; differences in sweat output
and lactate concentrations are compared. The primary triggers for sweating, exercise and heat are also compared,
with exercise-induced sweating being further examined with respect to the exercise intensity. This review examines
the significant variations in sweat lactate between bodily sites as well the relationship to physiological parameters
such as gender, age and physical fitness, along with the effect of climate adaptation on sweat lactate concentrations.


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