Stem Cell Treatments



Develop stem cell treatments


CCalcium ion plays an important role in cell multiplications and nerve cell signal. Calcium ion oscillation is universal signaling cue that activates numerous cellular response. In particular, the fluctuating calcium ion concentration is a factor that brings about development mechanism in early embryo development. SAC calcium is found to be effective in the bone cell multiplication through the animal pre-trial.

CThe CBHI proves that SAC calcium significantly and rapidly normalize bone mineral density by helping proliferation of osteoblast cells.It demonstrates that SAC calcium is excellent than any other material in the proliferation of increase in the number of cell from stem cell. In the process of transplantation of stem cell, the major problem is the regenerating efficiency and the harmonization with the host cell after the transplantation of the stem cell. During the transplantation of the stem cell, if the calcium ion lacks in the cell, it could bring various side effects and the stem cell will only survive for short period of time. In addition, when tissue stem cell in nervous system are transplanted, the recovery of nervous cell network will be another challenge. Even though a healthy stem cell may be cultivated and transplanted, if the stem cell do not survive with the pre-existing host cells, it will result in failure.Therefore, the CBHI is planning to develop SAC calcium ion to make healthy host stem cell and to help stem cell to survive on the host cell.

NNeurological diseases such as Parkinson’s diseases are caused by a loss of neurons and glial cells in the brain or spinal cord. Stem Cell based cell therapy will provide a new and innovative treatment for patients with neurological disorders. In recent years, neurons and glial cells have successfully been generated from stem cells. However, there are two major challenges-1) it is still uncertain what kind of stem cells would be an ideal source for cellular grafts, 2) the mechanism by which transplantation of cells leads to an enhanced functional recovery and structural reorganization- before clinical application of stem cell therapy in neurological disease patients. The CBHI will develop SAC calcium for helping cells recover its original functions.