About CBHI

Calcium & Bone Health Institute


 In 2015 CBHI laboratory will bring together scientists from the SFU, the UBC Research, University College London, Imperial College London and King’s College London. The strength of the Francis Crick Institute will spring from the synergy between these groups and new research directions in disciplines including mathematics, computing physics, chemistry and engineering which will be facilitated by the close interaction with university partners and by funding of additional research areas by the Wellcome Trust.

The grand scale of the Institute and its world-class research infrastructure, together with long-term core research funding from the partners, will allow its scientists to pursue cutting-edge research with ambitious objectives. The Crick will attract, train and develop the very best scientists to conduct bold research in innovative ways, and be the source of outstanding talent and expertise from which other UK academic and commercial biomedical institutions will draw. The site for the new Institute is adjacent to the British Library at St. Pancras, central London’s main transport hub. This will allow excellent communications and networking with other UK research centres, and excellent interactions with continental Europe via the new High-Speed rail links.





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